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Our tours ‘UNESCO Sites in Bulgaria’ – a guided visit to the UNESCO World, introduce you to the best of the Bulgaria’s cultural and natural heritage. Bulgaria embodies a rare level of historic provenance, and fortunately much of its storied past can still be seen, preserved and ready for travelers to enjoy. Discover the exceptional places in Bulgaria – major tourist attractions and iconic destinations, that are recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites – the world’s richest cultures and oldest monuments. While there are numerous UNESCO sites in the Balkans, Bulgaria’s top nine sites are must-visit destinations for your next trip to the region.

These cultural tours are upon request. They are recommendable for more than two participants because of the better tour price for you. Special discounts apply for groups of minimum six travelers. The tours are customizable and may be tailored upon request. Enjoy time to explore the best cultural and natural sites in Bulgaria with private guide & custom itinerary. Experience Bulgaria and the Balkans, your way. We would recommend you to extend your tour and visit the most impressive UNESCO sites in Romania, Macedonia, or Albania, as well. We would be glad to assist you in customizing the itinerary according to your preferences.

UNESCO Sites in Bulgaria – GRAND TOUR

10-days / 9-nights

The tour includes visits to all nine Bulgarian cultural and natural sites.

UNESCO Sites in Bulgaria – STANDARD TOUR

8-days / 7-nights

The tour includes visits to the seven Bulgarian cultural UNESCO sites only.

UNESCO Sites in Bulgaria – SHORT TOUR

5-days / 4-nights

The tour includes the three most visited Bulgarian cultural UNESCO sites only.

UNESCO Sites in Bulgaria – WEEKEND

3-days / 2-nights

The tour includes visits to only two UNESCO sites around Sofia.

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