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Our combined tours portfolio allows us to “get outside the Travel-Bulgaria box” and serve client groups in multi-country tours across the Balkans. Your efforts in a two-at-once approach in visiting Bulgaria and Romania reflect our commitment to delivering a fantastic customer experience.


8-days / 7-nights PRIVATE TOUR

Our cultural tour features the most famous tourist highlights of the two EU’s newest member countries. You will be charmed by Bucharest – the capital of Romania, with its impressive buildings, nick-named as ‘Little Paris’, medieval towns and amazing castles in Transylvania, the homeland of Vlad Dracula, Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria, with its 7,000 years of history, the world famous Thracian heritage and golden treasures, grandiose fortresses, magnificent architecture, cozy and charming small villages, Eastern Orthodox monasteries – masterpieces of Bulgarian art. Along the itinerary, you will be also charmed by many stunning landmarks which will nicely surprise you. Come and enjoy the culture, knowledge and wisdom left us from antiquity to present days.

Bulgaria & Romania Treasures

10-days / 9-nights BRIEF TOUR

Our brief combined tour features the most visited sights in the two Balkan countries: Sofia with its 7,000 years of history, Veliko Turnovo – capital of the Second Bulgarian kingdom, Plovdiv – the second largest town and cultural capital of Europe in 1999, Rila Monastery – the biggest on the Balkans, Bucharest – nick-named as ‘Little Paris’, Sibiu – the cultural capital of Europe in 2007, and Bran with the world famous Dracula Castle. Along the itinerary, you will be also charmed by many stunning landmarks which will nicely surprise you.

Romania & Bulgaria Highlights

16-days / 15-nights GRAND TOUR

Our grand combined tour highlights the most significant cultural and historical landmarks – remarkable monasteries and churches, several world recognized UNESCO sites, grandiose Bulgarian fortresses and splendid Romanian castles, ancient architecture and cozy villages, the sunny Black Sea coast and the beauty of Transylvania. You will learn the true story of count Dracula and the true story of the Thracian kings. You will be acquainted with the new capitals in the EU – Sofia and Bucharest, each unforgettable and unique, rich in cultural and historical heritage.

The exciting mix of traditions, ethnography, cuisine, wine, music and hospitable people will certainly add to the pleasure during the tour. The Bulgarian part is offered in two options.

Key takeaways

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√ You will enjoy the rich historical inheritance while visiting the local best preserved UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites – splendid castles, unique churches and monasteries.

√ You will learn about traditions preserved over centuries, fascinating art collections in galleries and museums, exquisite folklore.

√ You will enjoy the beautiful nature on a scenic drive through marvelous and picturesque landscapes.

√ You will visit the most famous local wine cellars and taste a few samples of the prized local wines and will enjoy the delicious and healthy local traditional cuisine. You will certainly make many new friends. Superior accommodation, knowledgeable tour guides and many extras…

Enjoy Balkans’ rare beauty – discover Eastern Europe!

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